Hey, thanks for stopping by, this site is all about the artistic streak in me that I don’t really get to use as much as I’d like anymore. This is all about that little part of my life that makes me the happiest, don’t let your peers tell you that drawing is just a past-time, and not a proper job. I never wanted to be an astronaut when I was younger but hey that’s a proper job, someone out there is doing it, people do go out of this world, & drawing for me is my ‘out of this world’ moment.

Having previously worked as a graphic designer for the likes of Newcastle United, George Clothing, Asda, Adidas to name a few. I left the industry to work in a secondary school with disaffected students. Something I started part time when out the studio but now flipped it around allowing me freedom in my studio to enjoy my art, making me smile & hopefully you too.

So this is all about the illustrations I do freelance for the public, & companies – Authorsonline,  forkidsbykids, children’s books series & the latest as an author/illustrator. Its about the ups and downs, the random ideas, the lazy days and the hitting a HB wall of leadlessness when totally stuck. Oh and the cups of tea in-between.

Its about my commissioned pieces & drawings I randomly think might work & people might like.

It’s about drawing what I like or can relate to. My ‘Ink’d Series’ features icons from TV & screen from the 80’s onwards. Those cult characters with their crazy catchphrases that spread across playgrounds. I’ve been fortunate to have this Series of prints appear in the ICON Exhibition in Studio 73 in Brixton, London in 2017-2018 & continue to be available there if passing by.

Feel free to nose about & to find out more about each book & the daily development of illustrations or my random sketches, doodles to finished designs from my drawing board that you can now buy on all sorts of products.

I try to keep blogging as I develop a piece & love input & offer designs to be social media led at times. Feel free to post a comment or contact me but most of all….
Smile & Enjoy.

Dave Seedhouse

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