Author & Illustrator – Informal & Formal Education.


This Workbook contains a ‘Skeleton Pack’ of Work and Information Sheets for the Informal Educator, Mentor, Teacher, Parent and/or the young person themselves.

This allows the reader to hand-pick pages from various sections in order to manipulate the support and dialogue they provide, dependent on the flow of conversation and the level of engagement. For example, a starting topic could be a toxic relationship, which could then move towards anger management, self-esteem etc.

This book is also categorised by key topic, in order to allow you to easily deliver a focused planned programme of support. An example would be offering an Attendance Course to those with school attendance concerns.

There is no right or wrong way to use this book, one person may need to use numerous and varied worksheets, others may feel they no longer need to offer support after only a few.

The key focus is to create an environment for reflective conversation and to open the possibilities of empowerment and personal change.

Fight Mental Health Club Workbook

Workbook full of A4 work and information sheets for young people. Cost includes post & packaging.


For further information please visit the book website.

Fight Mental Health Club

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