Revision Work & Information Sheets that I’ve used previously with disaffected students who had poor attendance. In the same style as the Mental Health book but with a focus on English Literature.

  • Romeo & Juliet
  • Of Mice & Men

The key focus is to allow the young person to gain their own challenging views backed with evidence. Facilitating a strong personal viewpoint to aid positive discussion with others removing isolation.

KS4 Learning

An Inspector Calls

Basic Introduction to the Course.

Work Sheet (1): Use detective work to gain an overview of each key character.

Information Sheet (1): Quick Glimpse Character & Who’s to Blame Guide.

Information Sheet (1): Literary Terms Guide – To work alongside the Character Guide sheet above.

Worksheets (4): You as the Producer- How does stage direction present the Inspector?

Work Sheet (1): Act 1 Quick Quiz- To check your knowledge so far.

Work Sheet (1): Act 2 Quick Quiz – To check your understanding of Act 2.

Work Sheet (2): Focus on Mrs Birling and attitudes towards women.

Work Sheets (2): Focus on Gerald Croft & Daisy Renton. The Break-up Letter

Work Sheet (1): Focus on Gerald Croft and his affair – The TV Show.

Work Sheet (1): Can you figure out the affair timeline.

Work Sheet (1): Act 3 Quick Quiz. Can you answer all the questions correctly?

Work Sheets (2): Two quotes on responsibility, Can you find the key points?

Work Sheets (3): Imagine your Eva Smith, complete a diary entry.

Work Sheet (1): Who’s to blame? – The Chat Show.

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