Guess Who

My portfolio of various projects I’ve randomly came up as a stupid thought but then brought it to life… again stupidly. More to follow soon.

  1. Guess Who Serial Killer Edition.
  2. Guess Who Serial Killer Individual Card Packs. (personalized)


This is a complete handmade revamp of a vintage 80’s sourced Guess Who Game into a Serial Killer Edition.

Staying true to the game with the use of original box, bases and cards for backing of the new serial killer detailing. The box has also been updated with a new cover to make it a true killer experience.

These are of a limited run and made available sporadically due to process and time involved making each piece.

£149 with free shipping worldwide.

Keep an eye out for promotional codes via my instagram, FB & my mailing list

I would recommend you register your interest by joining the waiting list on either the ‘etsy’ web page or by emailing me direct.

Any questions email:

Self-Assembly Packs now available for a short period.


Additional individual serial killer cards will be made available, for you to make your killer game individual to you. Each pack comes with red, blue and choose card.

Have a killer card in mind then let me know via the form below or leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

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