Marc Rebillet Ink’d Series

The Loop Daddy, the Godfather of Ass has joined the Ink’d Series & not too late.

Only made available as a Limited Edition A3 sized 210gsm satin paper Print.

Loop Daddy himself has been in touch and said I can sell them as Limited Edition run only! Like that’s official nod that they are good enough in his eyes. Now available via my Etsy store.

Absolutely limited edition of 200 ONLY. When they have gone that is it!

My work is based on people and things I love, things that matter to me personally. You won’t see an art print that I have done just to cash in on trend, but moments that make up my life & personality. Check out Marc’s website for official merch

Luca Changretta ‘You want to dance?’ – Ink’d Series

Luca Changretta joins The Ink’d Series.

Each typography tattoo features one of his classic lines / quotes from the cult TV series Peaky Blinders.

Currently available as an A3 Print both Limited & Open via Etsy below.

Clothing, home & tech-ware follow links below.

John Shelby Ink’d Series

John Shelby is the latest to join the Ink’d Series.

Each typography tattoo features a classic John Boy line from the cult TV show Peaky Blinders including his last ever line –Get into the fucking house!

Currently available via etsy link below as a Print.

Clothing, home-ware etc follow the links below.

Prints available direct from here. Including discount price for full set of 7 prints.

Peaky Blinders – Tattoo Arthur Shelby

Arthur Shelby joins the Ink’d Series alongside Tommy Shelby & Alfie Solomons.

Each typography tattoo features a classic Arthur Shelby line from Peaky Blinders Season 1 – 4.

Available as A3 limited edition prints, signed & embossed via etsy. Larger sizes coming soon.


Also available on various products from homeware to clothing & techware via links below.

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