Rainy Days

Home Guidesheet

New Guide Sheet to show kids how to create their own books at home, rainy days will never be boring again.

Minnie Mashed


Minnie Mashed – the first of three from the mashed separates that make up the whole Minnie. Look great individually framed next to each other.


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I’m not a poet & now I know it

Well my poem went really well into the bin, I tried but as I realised its a lot harder than making the last words rhyme. FKBK sent it to their poet in residence & she put me to shame with her version which I have now put into the FKBK Workshop handout.
FKBK are on the lookout for teachers, poets, artists etc who would like to go into their local primary schools to offer workshops, worth a look me thinks… After a cup a tea

Yippee For Kids By Kids are here, so enjoy,
Our teacher will help us, each girl & each boy.
Under their watchful eyes, our efforts will grow,
Real poems & stories will soon be on show.
No-one will struggle, each page will be fun,
And very quickly our book will be done.
Maybe we’ll show off our work in our school,
Everyone, seeing, would think it so cool!

20130513-105932 AM.jpg

Dream-a-Poem Sheet

Finished colouring & penning the Poem Theme illustration for the Creating Poetry Workshops for FKBK tutors, to show & inspire the young people attending.. Well hopefully…. Mmm time for a cup of tea me thinks

20130508-040436 PM.jpg

For Kids By Kids Workshop Guide

Example of what I’m sent to work from (this is a good one) & the start of illustrations in pencil. I’m slowly getting there but think it’s time for a cup of tea 🙂

20130425-122041 PM.jpg

Dream Themes sheet finished woohoo

Phew finally finished colouring the story book Dream Themes illustrations, hope the young people love them & they help them create some magical short stories

20130419-031411 PM.jpg
20130419-031429 PM.jpg

From a dream to a story book

Finished pen & inking the illustration & managed to squeeze in a few extra random images into the dream to help engage & prompt the young people looking to write & illustrate their own picture book

20130419-024510 PM.jpg

How to Plan a Story

Finished the ‘How to plan a story’ worksheet to be used by ‘For Kids By Kids’ at this weekends Book Fair, check their twitter for more info 🙂

20130419-024008 PM.jpg