Larry Limpet bookplate

As promised here’s a sneaky peek at the bookplate for Lucy Sandworm Goes Missing… Fingers crossed it gets approved ; )

Lucy Sandworm goes ……………. off to be scanned :)

Well all the drawings have gone off to my good friend Jon Dyde who does a cracking job scanning each illustration as he has with the first two books, hopefully get them back today so I can post up a good quality sneak peak for you all to see…..woohooo Im off to design the front cover…well after a quick cuppa ; )

Lucy Sandworm Goes Missing

Woop woop, just finished off pen and watercolouring the final page for the book, looks like it’s really going to work with the text and pages, fingers crossed. Next off to be scanned and to have set to page layout. Just the front cover to design now and whether a bookplate will or wont work..mmm. A sneak page illustration to follow shortly : )


Woohooo, just finished off the final three illustrations for Larry Limpet story. I can finally put my pencil to rest and dig out my trusty fineliner and rubber. Happy days : )

Almost there

Almost there, just three to complete the drawings, then the front cover… Oh then to watercolour and pen them all. That sounds a lot more now : P

Back to the drawing board

Naughty me… Had a few days off from drawing, getting the shakes. Missed the Sandy Bay bunch. Going to push forward hopefuly and finish off the rest of the illustrations. Watch this space, I’ll try and post up another drawing soon!

Tea for Two

Just having another cuppa tea after completing two more key pencil draft illustrations for the book. Im really liking the expressions in these and the characters interactions, bit weird but had a totally different image in my head this morning before I started my cuppa. I think they are tea-riffic ! {sorry}

Finally it hits me

Been struggling with the next illustration, faint pencil lines all over the page as constantly changed the position of the characters, then this morning it just all sank into place. One final rub out with bits everywhere the draft illustration complete, I really like it and it’s made the next page’s drawing even better.

Page Preview

Just thought I’d post up a sneaky peek of the first illustration completed in watercolour, ready for text of the next book. Hope you like it.

Last Eight for Larry

Its always the way that the last few illustrations are more complicated as the plot develops, with more needed to be shown in each drawing to try and compliment the story and bring the text to life. Also with each new book comes a new character which I have to try and get to know myself and try and figure out how they would look. These take the longest to do and on some days very daunting not knowing how to begin, I suppose something similar to writers block, hitting a HB wall of leadlessness but I’ll break it, just need a good cuppa and I’ll be on it me thinks!

Scratching noise??

Now how would you draw a scratching noise, I had no idea at all and after constant impressions of the sound & after funny looks off those around me I went with ‘Krr Krr’. I’m quite happy with the sketch just hope it works, what you think?

Sketchy times for Larry

Half way through sketching ideas for the illustrations. Once I’m happy and approved by Kirsten it’s out with the pen and watercolours.

Larry Limpet and Percy