Al Pacino

Al Pacino joins the Pen & Ink Series of designs. Available as a print, poster but also as phone cases, tees, cushions, pillows mugs, shower curtains & much more via … Continue reading Al Pacino

Elwood Blues Brothers – ‘Dried White Toast

Dan Aykroyd joins john Belushi in the Ink’d Series in The Blues Brothers. ‘Dry White Toast’ features his character Elwood Blues with typography tattoos which are all classic quotes / lines … Continue reading Elwood Blues Brothers – ‘Dried White Toast

Dexter ‘The Dark Passenger’

Dexter Morgan – everyone’s favourite serial killer joins the Ink’d Series. Each typography tattoo features a classic quote / line from the cult TV series Dexter. Also available is Dexter … Continue reading Dexter ‘The Dark Passenger’

I Heart Harley Quinn

A new edition to the ‘I Heart Cosplay’ series. For those that love all things Harley Quinn. Available as a print to tees, phone/tablet cases, cushions, duvets, hoodies, mugs, skirts, … Continue reading I Heart Harley Quinn