The Man from Del Peckham he says…

Del Boy joins the Ink’d Series. All tattoos are classic Del Boy quotes from the cult series ‘Only Fool & Horses’. From Chandeliers to open bar doors, don’t be a plonker snap it up quick before the police appear. Viva Hookey Street

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Tequila Mockingbird

Now available for a short time I’m sure. Shown actually on a notebook but also available as a print & much more. Due to the pattern it looks great as a scarf etc


Might offer prints that look like an actual book above as well as the normal print, what ya think, comments welcome 🙂

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B…Banter M8

“Your mums a weeble wobble”

Random thoughts sometimes make a good design, well it made me smile



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Drug Awareness Illustration

My Grandson swears by these new herbal teas… His favourite’s Mushroom!

An Illustration I made up for Drugs Booklet handed out to young people.

Well it made me laugh anyway

20130426-101010 AM.jpg