Guess Who Serial Killer Box Frame Complete Game Set Edition

Serial Killer Guess Who Box Frame Complete Game Set (Limited Edition of just 48)


Comes with 3x Limited Edition Prints, 2x sourced vintage original guess who game set bases. Also all serial killer game cards set & ready to play so no need to destroy the prints. All this is packaged neatly inside a white box frame ready for you to hang or play. This is a great talking piece!

Print #1 – A remake of the classic Guess Who box but with the twist of Serial Killers added. “Is it Brady?”

Print #2 – Shows all the Serial Killer cards that you would choose in a game of Guess Who.

Print #3 Shows all the individual cards that would have been placed in the flip boards of a vintage game.

Vintage 80’s Guess Who Blue Flip Card Base replaced with Blue Serial Killer Flip Cards.

Vintage 80’s Guess Who Red Flip Card Base replaced with Red Serial Killer Flip Cards.

Original Game Pegs & Serial Killer Choose Cards.

Strictly limited to 48 each Ltd Edition Print comes embossed & signed by artist. Each set will be unique 1/1 as each set will be Limited to the name of a Serial Killer & colour red or blue. (Brady 1/1 b).

Available only from the link below, before its removed


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