Now available online to buy as a print, tees, leggings, cases etc etc.


Prints, clothing, homeware, phone & tablet cases & much more available via S6

Buy Now

Also available for a short time as an A3 Limited Edition Print. Each individually embossed with Official stamp, & personally numbered & signed via the links below.


Not interested in Ltd editions & just want it for you wall, then go to Drawdeck for cheaper open editions prints/posters.



  1. I cannot find the SUPERGIRL tapestry anywhere. Not available at Society 6. I saw it a few months ago. Where can I purchase the largest Supergirl tapestry?
    Thank you,


    • Hi Joseph, I had a problem with the original websites with copyright I’m guessing. They have deleted all my comic series but I have now added them to Threadless- & Teepublic. All designs will be set up soon but I’ve completed the tapestry of Supergirl first for you. Thanks for looking & more for liking.
      Enjoy Dave


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